6 > 9 Sept. 2021


The international technology event dedicated to Measurement !

Take part in the biennial European event dedicated to Measurement in its broadest sense!

Measurement World was born out of a unique ambition in Europe: to create an exhibition focused on Measurement, with an international scope, to bring together all the players in the sector and promote French and European technological know-how.
After a memorable 2019 edition, Measurement World confirms its place in an odd year in partnership with the 2021 International Metrology Congress (1,000 participants, 45 countries and 35% of international congress attendees), and will be held at EUREXPO LYON from 7th to 10th September 2021 with the exhibition GLOBAL INDUSTRIE.

MEASUREMENT WORLD is the unmissable event for a whole profession bringing together specialists in ANALYSIS, CONTROL, OPTICS, PROCESS and VISION with:

  • 6,000 sqm of floor space including a Metrology Village of 2,200 sqm in 2019

  • 4 days of exhibitions

  • +250 exhibitors in 2019

  • 4,000 visitors in 2019

  • 1000 participants from 45 countries in the 20th International Metrology Congress (CIM 2019)


For all Measurement Players

Industrial Users, Experts, Academics and Researchers, Institutions, Manufacturers and Service Providers

For all Industrial Sectors

The place for sharing technological expertise and experience, a springboard for innovation and a platform for technical partners and start-ups.

  • A range of specialists presenting the technologies and solutions associated with metrology and measurement thanks to the partnership with the International Metrology Congress (CIM).


  • A platform for exchanges and sharing for all players, a meeting place for industry and research, a place for sharing technological expertise and experience, a springboard for innovations and a tribune for technical partners and start-ups (Experts, academics and researchers, institutional representatives, manufacturers, service providers and industrial users).


  • Medium for monitoring and trends throughout the year which allows changes in companies, laboratories and organisations to be anticipated.


  • Keynote events and experiential areas which provide an opportunity to see, touch and understand innovations, promote the best practices in the sector and illustrate the scope of technological solutions and all the benefits of measurement (control, optimisation, productivity, quality, reliability, data evaluation, etc.).




Four days of free-access conferences led by experts from: EMVA and LCIE BUREAU VERITAS


The 20th International Metrology Congress is a singular event at the crossroads between industrial applications and R&D for all audiences.

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