6 > 9 Sept. 2021


International Metrology Congress 2021

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Metrology is a core value for industrial processes with the development of Industry of the Future: smart sensors, advanced manufacturing, data qualification analysis and security, results reliability, standardisation, IIOT, AI, jobs evolutions ...

CIM2021, unique event in Europe, is a showcase for industrial applications, advances in R&D and prospects dedicated to measurements, analysis and testing processes.



THE AUDIENCE: 1 000 participants from 45 countries

  • 70% end-users of measurement technology in industry and laboratories

  • 30% official bodies, academics and researchers



  • Controlled Measurements: uncertainties, traceability, cost optimisation, certification, standardisation, conformity and risks ...
  • Optimised Measurements: techniques and best practices for mass, force, flow, pressure, dimension, electricity, temperature, hygrometry, photonics, chemical and biological measures …
  • Advanced Measurements: smart sensors, IIOT, data qualification, analysis and security, quantum technology, AI, blockchain, advanced manufacturing …

With applications to all sectors: mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, health, agro-food, environment, pollution, energy...

The CIM2021 is held in partnership with the exhibition Measurement World. The Metrology Village is set up in the living spaces of the show. It is the place to be in close contact with the Congress topics and audience.

By booking your stand in the Metrology Village, you enjoy privileged conditions: free access to the conference programme, coffee breaks and lunches with Congress participants.




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