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IDS NXT ocean - an embedded hybrid vision system with AI

Launch date : 01/06/2021

Artificial intelligence opens up new fields of application for camera technology and image processing. The IDS NXT camera series is a perfect example of an easy-to-use solution for the industry. With the IDS NXT ocean design-in kit, customers are provided with a complete solution which, in addition to the required hardware components, also includes online access to intuitive neural network training for their own AI applications. With the IDS NXT lighthouse cloud software, even non-specialists with no knowledge of artificial intelligence can train an AI classifier with their own image data that can be used immediately on IDS NXT cameras. This makes it much easier to take the first steps towards image processing based on deep learning.
Hardware, software, infrastructure, knowledge and support are all provided by IDS: the learning software for neural networks and the IDS NXT industrial cameras with their powerful AI core were developed in-house. Knowledge of their images and their evaluation is all that users need to create a neural network. This allows them, for example, to solve image processing tasks with a wide variety of objects, such as classifying different types of fruit or identifying defective parts. To cover all possible variances with classical image processing would be very time-consuming and costly. With artificial intelligence, however, these challenges can be solved in no time at all

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