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Magtrol is an international company, recognized as a leader in manufacturing various sensors, test equipment and customized motor test bench. Since 1953, Magtrol develops and supplies products for measurement and control of torque-speed-power, load-force-weight and displacement.

MAGTROL INC, which is headquartered in Buffalo NY (USA), is a leading manufacturer of motor test equipment and hysteresis brakes and clutches.

MAGTROL SA, located in Rossens (Switzerland), also offers motor test equipment as well as products to measure, control and monitor load-force-weight and displacement.

Magtrol offers customers a wide array of measurement and control solutions, combined with a high quality worldwide sales and service network. In 2019, the company employs approximately 200 collaborators around the world, committed to providing innovative and personalized solutions.


  • Fields - priority
    • Analysis
    • Control
  • Customer markets
    • Auto, aerospace, mechanical, defense
    • Energy, electricity, electronics
    • Expertise, laboratory, engineering
    • Health, biology, biotechno, medical
  • Entity
    • Calibration and/or test laboratory
    • Manufacturer
  • Fields of application
    • Laboratory equipment, processes
    • Means of calibration
    • Sensors
    • Test methods
    • Tests and measurements
  • Areas of technical expertise
    • Power, torque
    • Weighing
  • Fields - secondary
    • Sensors
    • Systems
    • Test

Our products

TS Series - Torque Sensors

Magtrol’s TS Series In-Line Torque Sensors provide extremely accurate torque and speed measurement.…

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TS Series - Torque Sensors

Magtrol’s TS Series In-Line Torque Sensors provide extremely accurate torque and speed measurement. Each model has an integrated conditioning electronic module providing 0...±5VDC (±10VDC) torque output through an 8-pole connector, as well as a USB interface. The sensor is delivered with software allowing easy data acquisition. A speed encoder provides a minimum of 360PPR (Pulse Per Revolution) in Tach A, Tach B and Index reference Z (1PPR). Magtrol Torque Sensors are very reliable, providing high overload protection, excellent long-term stability and high noise immunity. TS Series Sensor are strain gauge-based measuring systems with imbedded telemetry signal transmission. Three LED lights located on the cover allow a visual check of the status by color code (3LEDs). The sensor is powered by 12-32VDC through its 8-pole connector. TARE & B.I.T.E. (Built-In Test Equipment) can be activated by either software or input from the 8-pole connector. Available torque ranges from 0.05...500N·m.


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